Spherical tank access systems and tank storage

We offer our customers comprehensive tank services with special constructions and abseiling technology.

The combination of industrial climbing, aluminium trusses and special structures enables us to make even the seemingly impossible safely achievable.

Many jobs in industrial plants require elaborate scaffolding and thus generate enormous scaffolding costs and set-up times. Then the actual services often does not stand in reasonable relation to the costs of making them accessible.

Our services in detail

  • Project planning
  • Construction
  • Verifiable statics
  • Delivery, installation and operation
  • Maintenance and repair measures
  • Non-destructive material testing

Our areas of application

  • Installation and operation of a spherical tank access system with BG test certificate
  • Quick and safe installation of access systems in tanks or pressure vessels
  • Development and design of various special structures
  • Provision and operation of hoistable personnel lifting equipment

In accordance with the Pressure Vessel Ordinance and depending on the medium, vessel material and history of the vessel, spherical gas vessels must be subjected to an internal inspection at five-year or ten-year intervals. The scope of testing and the testing technique are determined by the responsible TÜV expert, whereby the most common methods are MT and ultrasound testing.

The operator of the spherical gas container has the task of making all the areas to be tested accessible prior to the internal test. We offer our customers a safe, effective and cost-efficient solution for this. Our spherical tank access system is assembled according to tested statics and has received the EC type examination through BG-PRÜFZERT. The installation time is only 2 to 5 days, depending on the container diameter.

In order to provide the greatest possible convenience for our customers, we generally offer the installation of the spherical tank access system as a complete service. This means that we are the responsible contact partner for our customers, from coordinating the scope of testing with the TÜV expert, to test preparation and testing, right through to acceptance of the container with the TÜV.

The advantages of our spherical tank access system

  • Short downtimes thanks to short set-up times
  • The structure can be accessed by test personnel/ customers
  • All desired points on the shell of the sphere are accessible, they do not have to be made accessible via scaffolding platforms that may have to be erected.
  • The compact design makes it possible to rotate the structure quickly and precisely
  • The tests require less time due to the work cage used, as it is no longer necessary to repeatedly transport the test equipment from working position to working position.
  • If a person should have an accident in the cage, rescue is possible by simply lowering the cage.

Tank storage

Our services also include the inspection of extinguishing equipment such as foam pots and sprinkler lines and the replacement of complete pipelines. The function of sprinkler and foaming devices on refuelling tanks must be checked regularly as safety equipment. This often requires a lot of set-up work and can be done safely and efficiently with our working techniques. Our aluminium special structures are often used here as well, and our certified and specially developed personnel attachment points are part of our standard equipment.

Our personnel are qualified for the use of respiratory protection according to G26 III and are able to cope with their tasks even under the most difficult conditions. Here, explosion protection and the specifications of DGUV 113-004 (BGR 117-1) are a matter of course in our daily work.

Some examples of our other special structures are

  • Access systems
  • Suspended platforms
  • Fall protection systems
  • Fast and cost-effective to install
  • Secured tank roof inspections
  • Consoles, gallows and attachment points in tank storage systems