Electrical engineering

In the field of electrical, we provide sophisticated engineering for a reliable power supply of your plant. Benefit from our huge wealth of experience that also includes installation supervision and commissioning support.

Engineering für Elektrotechnik

Instrumentation | Control

We are your reliable partner for controlling and monitoring the processes of your process plant.

Mess-Steuer- und Regeltechnik Griesemann Gruppe

Automation | Process control engineering

As a system-independent provider, we develop integrated and end-to-end automation solutions for your industrial processes.

EMSR-Technik und Automatisierung von der Griesemann Gruppe

Process control for process plants

Handling integrated new installations or revamp projects in the fields of E/I&C and automation technology from concept to implementation is one of our core capabilities.

Process control is one of our focal points not only from a historic point of view. We are particularly qualified for a holistic view by integrating relevant engineering and installation competences and an extensive knowledge transfer between engineering and implementation: 180 engineers and technicians develop complex solutions for power supply, instrumentation and control, communications and telecommunications as well as automation.

More than 500 highly skilled experts provide a professional and reliable project realisation in the field of E/I&C installation and maintenance.

Our services for automation/I&C technology

In the sector of electrical, we provide you with power supply planning for your process plant. Additionally, we are your reliable partner for controlling and monitoring the processes of your plant. No matter if engineering new systems or maintenance engineering, we support you with recording the actual status, engineering, installation supervision and commissioning. Benefit from our huge wealth of experience

  • Estimation of investment cost
  • Concepts for plant safety
  • Design and dimensioning of E/I&C components
  • Design of transformers, protection systems and switchgears
  • Infrastructure concepts
  • E/I&C circuitry documents
  • BOQs for material and installation services
  • Installation sketches
  • Installation and demolition documents
  • Test protocols, test regulations and TÜV documents
  • Trade-related installation coordination
  • Support in and execution of functional tests, commissioning

Automation technology | Software engineering

As a system-independent provider, we develop integrated and end-to-end automation solutions for your industrial processes. Continuously operating plants as well as batch-oriented processes are our area of expertise in this sector.

Our competence covers all levels of automation from field level through field bus systems to process control level. We do not only design the automation system but also program complete operational units.

Regarding system design, we demand of ourselves to provide most reasonable automation, operation and monitoring concepts from a technical and economical point of view. We always aim at implementing sustainable solutions that can be adapted to future plant changes easily. In doing so, a high degree of user-friendliness and maintainability are firmly in our focus.

Regarding automation, our services go far beyond development and configuration of your hardware: Our specialists familiarise with your plant technology intensively and develop tailor-made solutions for your specific PLC/ process control or SCADA system based on this insight.

Arbeitssicherheit durch EX-Schutz und SIL

High standards of plant safety by comprehensive competence in explosion protection and SIL

An individual competence centre pools comprehensive expert and specialist knowledge of explosion protection and SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and is responsible for a profound concept regarding plant safety. Our services:

  • Safety considerations and risk assessment
  • Planning the desired infrastructure
  • Specification of hardware elements of measurement points
  • Ex-i certificates and technical documentation
  • Engineering of safety-relevant functions considering SIL, risk analysis and safety considerations
  • Specification of field instruments, interface level and logic
  • Provision of SIL analysis acc. to most current standards
  • Test instructions and inspection certificates of corresponding measurement points