Trustful partnerships

More than 30 active engineering, EPCM and alliance partnerships proof that our clients have put their trust in us for many years.

Vertrauensvoller Partner Griesemann Gruppe

Site experience and plant knowledge

Operator based process know-how, the ability for efficient and safe project control and long-time site experience in the largest German and Austrian chemical regions distinguish ourselves.

Know-How durch Erfahrung

Efficiency increase by strong alliance | EPCM partners

Throughout our strategic engineering and EPCM partnerships, we do not only render multidisciplinary engineering services from one source but we are also a reliable project controller: This allows our clients to outsource their project management incl. project controlling, expediting and contractor management almost completely to an experienced and powerful partner on the spot.

In terms of resources, we are able to adapt our project organisation demand-oriented to the corresponding job requirements of our clients. A single contact person on our side pools procedures and communication channels in your favour and in favour of quality, safety and efficiency.

End-to-end project handling

Contractor management

Long-term setup of resources

Continuous improvement of work processes

Deep plant knowledge

Local knowledge and location experience

Short response times

Distinct HSE knowledge

We are distinguished by

With more than 10 long-time EPCM partnerships, for which we provide 50,000 to 150,000 engineering hours per year, we are the most successful company regarding EPCM | Alliance partnerships throughout Germany today. In these many grown partnerships with major clients of process industry, we are responsible for the project management of small projects up to TIC € 50m.

Our comprehensive know-how in the development of processes and structures is based on a deep understanding of the challenges of our clients in both project and maintenance areas. The primary target is to find the best individual balance between costs and time in each partnership and to ensure high system availability at the same time. In doing so, we always feel responsible for the entirety of a plant’s projects – in terms of efficiency issues, but above all with regard to plant safety and downtimes.

We offer:

  • Operator-based process know-how by long-time grown cooperation with the industry
  • Efficient and safe project management as well as sustainable and transparent project controlling
  • Covering all relevant engineering trades by well-resourced, multidisciplinary engineering partners
  • Holistic view while handling project management tasks
  • Long-time experience in controlling further partner companies
  • Technical process optimisations, safety and profitability considerations for counselling and execution
  • Experience in generating process structures and flexible adaption of our project organisation to the client’s needs
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