Intelligent engineering

Our own central sector integrates numerous engineering tools of leading providers and self-developed software for the benefit of safe, time-saving and cost-effective plant engineering.

Engineering Tools Griesemann Gruppe

Interface-optimised engineering

Consistent engineering processes and a high degree of digitalisation enable us to engineer end-to-end and state-of-the-art.

IT-Services für moderne Industrieanlagen

Software solutions for the industry

We provide our clients with target-oriented software solutions for intelligent, digital plant documentation, electronic redlining as well as flexible and database supported document management.


Intelligent, integrated engineering

Our integrated approach for selecting our IT and CAE tools and the integration of more than 50 well-established engineering tools and self-developed software offer an end-to-end engineering state-of-the-art.

Our 3D engineering is supported by an own survey department that generates the appropriate point cloud for each tool by 3D laser scanning.

The open architecture of our engineering environment provides our engineering with maximum flexibility regarding the integration of our client’s systems.

Intelligent engineering solutions for the industry

Additionally, our IT Services develop pragmatic software solutions for engineering and documentation of industrial plants. The close cooperation of engineers and plant operators generates digital tools, ideal solutions and application-oriented programs that improve engineering processes distinctly and save time, money and resources.

Anlagendokumentation durch FID

Finally intelligent documentation

The database application FID is an application for the intelligent administration of a plant’s complete documentation. It can be used in all sectors instinct driven and without any training due to its high flexibility and adaptability.

One single portal enables FID to access the whole as-built documentation: In doing so, the database application retrieves documents that had been read automatically from different sources and linked with each other by equipment numbering.

Data gathered during import analysis can be used for comparison and consolidation of data from different sources or for supporting data migration.

Zeichnungskommentierung durch redPID

Intelligent drawing annotation

redPID is a database application for digital annotation (redlining) of documents particularly process and pipe drawings provided as PDF or As-built documents.

Due to its instinct-driven use, redlining can be made on drawings almost as fast as by hand and permanently readable. redPID generates simple vector graphics and texts, enables a fast generation of complex drafts, deposit of lists containing pipe and insulation classes, medium attributes or similar as well as stamping of batch operation documents. The database functions allow duplication, transmission and export of generated data in an easy way.