Refinery | Petrochemistry

Having about 50 years of experience in engineering and installing industrial plants for refinery and petrochemistry, we are one of the biggest partners of German and Austrian process industry.

Darstellung einer Industrieanlage

Chemistry | Fine chemistry

From concept through engineering to installation and commissioning, we realise complex and sophisticated projects for our clients of the chemical and fine chemical industry sectors – brownfield and greenfield equally.

Vielfältige Stahlbautechnik der Griesemann Gruppe

Engineering and plant technology for the process and energy industry

Being one of the biggest German engineering companies and most important enterprise in the field of industrial services (see. Lünendonk study 2021), we work for far more than 50% of the German and Austrian process industry today. Maximum plant safety, high plant availability and highest possible efficiency increase govern all our decisions. In doing so, we benefit from about 50 years of experience in engineering and realising industrial plants for refineries and (petro) chemistry.

Having engineering know-how and long-term experience in implementing new technologies, we use our expertise forward-looking and increasingly in the sectors of green technology and closed-loop- and recycle industry. Multidisciplinary engineering services, industrial installation and maintenance we provide mainly for the following business sectors and plants:

Raffineriebranche bei der Griesemann Gruppe

Refinery | Petrochemistry

  • Colum systems
  • Hydration systems
  • Furnaces
  • Reactors
  • Cracker plants / ethylene plants
  • Monomer and polymer plants
  • Flare systems
  • Slop systems
  • Tank farms and loading systems
  • Utilities; steam supply, electrical power, water and supporting systems
  • and lots more
Tanklager einer modernen Chemieanlage

Chemistry | Fine chemistry

  • Chemical plants for batch and continuous processes
  • Multipurpose plants
  • Plants for inorganic chemicals
  • Plants with glass equipment or glass / ceramic coatings
  • Spray drying units
  • and lots more
Green Technology bei der Griesemann Gruppe

Green Technology | Power-to-X

  • Electrolysis systems for hydrogen production
  • H2 filling stations, -trailer loading
  • Power-to-X units
  • CO2-neutral production of fuels (SAF / Synfuels)
  • and lots more

Bulk| Solids processes

  • Conveying and loading units for handling solids
  • Thermal treatment of solids with purity requirements
  • Calcination, rotary kilns
  • Plants for inorganic chemicals
  • and lots more
Aufstellungsplanung und Rohrleitungstechnik der Griesemann Gruppe

Pilot | Power supply | Supporting systems

  • Flare units
  • Technical gases
  • Power to heat
  • Pilot and demonstration units
  • Cooling water systems
  • Tank and loading units
  • Power units
  • Steam and condensate systems
  • Exhaust-air treatment units
  • and lots more
Serviceleistung für Biopharma

Biotechnology | Pharma

  • Pharmaceutically related chemical plants
  • Qualifications
  • Validation
  • Engineering acc. to GMP requirements
  • CIP, SIP
  • Fermentation units
  • Plants for producing biological plant protectants
  • and lots more