Electrical engineer

»If you want an exciting job that is never the same that changes from project to project Griesemann group is the perfectly right place. «

Planerin Elektrotechnik der Griesemann Gruppe

Layout engineer

»Working in an office is very different from working at a plant and I think both aspects are very important and can be combined in my job very well. I always see something new. That is my inspiration. «

Planungsingenieur Griesemann Gruppe

Head of sub-department Plant layout

»Plants you have helped to design - there is always a remarkable amount of pride in having it done.«

Teilbereichsleitung Anlagenlayout Griesemann Gruppe

Project manager

»I pestered my colleagues with questions at the beginning and never felt that I was making them uncomfortable. For me, working on construction site is a great addition to what I do here in the office. Because I reap the fruits of the things I have initiated before.«

Projektleiterin Griesemann Gruppe

Team leader E/I&C

»The team spirit is quite strong. We try to find solutions and do not want to leave anyone anywhere alone. «

Teamleiter der Griesemann Gruppe

Project engineer

»I particularly like the fact that this job is very varied and that you have to deal with many other trades.«

Projektingenieurin Griesemann Gruppe

Your entry to engineering

Working with us, you experience diversity of content in multidisciplinary projects. The basis of our business is the process industry with a future-oriented focus on power-to-X.

Together with 600 engineering colleagues in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, you will work hand in hand throughout all trades, because our activities are teamwork. Become a part of Griesemann group and grow with us.







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Engineering der Griesemanngruppe

Our world of work

Being one of the biggest German engineering companies, we work for many well-known and international clients of different industries. Our projects are accordingly varied and demanding.

What distinguishes the work in each of our engineering sectors is the high degree of interdisciplinary cooperation of our staff who are all experts in their field. Added to this is the close relation with implementation by our own business unit of plant systems. This sharpens our holistic and forward-looking view to see the bigger picture. Our job profiles are correspondingly varied and versatile combining exciting activities in the office with those on-site.

We are looking for team players, go-getters, planners, doers and motivators with passion and vision. Take off with us and immerse yourself into the world of work of Griesemann group.

Verfahrenstechnik der Griesemann Gruppe

Process engineering

Are you familiar with industrial processes? Get to know our jobs of process engineering.

Maschinen- und Apparatetechnik Griesemann Gruppe

Machinery | Equipment

Are you specialised in the design of machines and equipment? Get to know our jobs in machinery and equipment engineering.

Moderne Rohrleitungstechniken durch qualifiziertes Engineering

Layout engineering | Piping engineering

3D installation and piping diagrams: Do you feel at home there? Our jobs in the field of piping.

Bautechnik und Stahlbautechnik Griesemann Gruppe

Civil | Steelwork engineering

Solid construction, steel construction, formwork, reinforcement: Is this your cup of tea? Our jobs in civil and steelwork engineering.

Griesemann Gruppe als

Project management

You always keep track of everything and all the balls in the air even when things heat up? Our jobs in project management.

Engineering der Griesemann Gruppe

E/I&C technology | Automation

DCS, PLC, FSE and SIL. Are these abbreviations music to your ears? Get to know our jobs in E/I&C technology and automation.

Your prospect

Depending on your qualifications and experience, you can start with us in various positions:

Graduates and young professionals usually join us in engineering as layout or project engineers. New colleagues with several years of professional experience who are experts in their field are employed as lead engineers. All our project managers have several years of relevant professional experience. No matter in which role and position you start with us, our goal is to accompany and develop you individually and from the very beginning in the team by experienced colleagues and beyond that by specialised training and further education. And if you have got what it takes to be a manager, you can become a team leader, group leader or department manager with us.

Moderner Arbeitgeber Griesemann Gruppe

What we offer

Everyone has got private engagements sometimes, and good professional performance can only be achieved if there is room for leisure and private life. So a sound work-life balance is a sound basis for reconciling work and family life. We support this by flexible working models, flexitime, an above-average number of vacation days, home office options and much more.
And we think: Who works hard should be allowed to have a wild party. No matter if a yard party, the Christmas party or the summer party, there are so many occasions. Joint sports are another opportunity to get together away from work and do something good for you at the same time.

40 locations at DE, A and NL

Flexible working time models

Occupational pension scheme

Employee company discounts


Health days

Fitness programmes

Company events

Location-related deviations are possible.

Individuelles Engineering für Industrieanlagen