Material Testing

The operation of pressure vessels necessitates regular inspection of the system parts

In this case, Griesemann Höhentechnik offers alternatives to the conventional approach through the use of special structures, abseiling technology in containers and on pipelines. With our own UT2 testing staff and in cooperation with DGZfP accredited companies, we can provide flexible and cost-effective testing services.

Whether for radiographic testing on pipelines or surface crack testing using magnetic powder – we take care of the testing work for you, from planning, accessibility and execution to documentation. We carry out wall thickness measurements according to DIN EN 14127:2011 using our own staff.

By offering all services from a single source, the work can be carried out particularly quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Project planning
  • Accessibility
  • Insulation work
  • Coating
  • Test services
  • Documentation

Non-destructive material testing

  • PT and UT in-house
  • Tank roof inspections with walk-on concepts / rescue and fall protection systems
  • RT as working group with testing companies accredited by DGZfP
  • OSI On Stream Inspections
  • CUI Corrosion Under Insulation