Elevated flare inspections

Elevated flares are an important safety device for the operation of chemical and petrochemical plants.

Inspection, repair and maintenance work can usually only be carried out in ever shorter downtimes and turnaround times. Griesemann Höhentechnik GmbH and formerly Schröter HöhenTechnik GmbH has been successfully carrying out refurbishment and inspection work on elevated flares without any accidents since 2000. From drone inspection, installation and project planning through to the implementation of maintenance measures, we offer all services from a single source. We have experience in the installation of all common burner manufacturers and regularly carry out maintenance and new construction in cooperation with them.

Our assembly spectrum ranges from the replacement of flare heads, molecular seal and pilot burners, to the re-piping of flare tube, pilot gas, ignition gas and steam lines, steel structure refurbishment, to drone or conventional CUI inspections. In addition, the conservation, replacement and retightening of guy ropes and modifications or modernisation measures to the ignition system or temperature monitoring.

We are happy to offer our customers comprehensive services at a fixed price. All the specialist trades required to carry out the work are coordinated by our experienced site management team.

We provide our customers with the following services, accident-free and on schedule

  • Project planning and the planning of maintenance, modernisation and new construction
  • Pipe technology
  • Steel structure assembly
  • Insulation
  • EI&C work
  • Crane coordination

Elevated flare servicing

  • Exchange of flare heads and pilot burners
  • Inspection and cleaning of molecular seal
  • New piping of steam line, pilot and ignition gas lines and drain lines
  • Testing work (NDT and materials testing)
  • Torque-controlled pipe and steel assemblies with Hytorc jGun®, among others.
  • Welding work at all heights
  • Preliminary planning and installation of hydroshields
  • CE compliant lifting structures, e.g. for the Steamizer® XP™ flare head

Servicing of guy wired flares

  • Replacement of guy ropes
  • Testing /preserving/greasing guy ropes
  • Checking and correcting the tension of guy ropes incl. perpendicular measurement
  • Calibration of rope tension measuring devices on our own 20t test rig
  • Rope tension measurements using our own tensile force measuring devices, PIAB or hydraulics
  • Development of your individual assembly concept