Griesemann Höhentechnik GmbH specialises in carrying out inspection and assembly work at great heights and at workplaces requiring complex scaffolding.

Our range of services includes maintenance, repairs, assembly and lifting work in pipeline and steel construction – as the perfect complement to our other trades. Work is carried out with the aid of abseiling techniques, special constructions and liftable personnel lifting devices. The consistent use of these techniques and the provision of complete services means that administrative resources can be “spared” and costs in the area of scaffolding and cranes are significantly reduced. Using aerial drones, inspections can be carried out on elevated flares or installations in areas that are difficult to access.

Safety is the highest priority

We pay special attention to occupational safety: The use of certified and regularly tested equipment is just as obligatory as the use of personnel with valid occupational health examinations (G41 and G26III).
What is more, all our employees are Irata certified.

Height technology – range of services

– Rope Access
– Special constructions
– Height and safety concepts
– Height assembly and inspection
– Drone inspection
– Lifting work
– Elevating personal pickup equipment
– Coating and insulation
– Materials testing